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What is a digital invitation?

It is an invitation that is not printed on paper, but that fulfills the same function and that can be seen inside some electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer monitor.

Advantages of digital invitations over printed cards.

We can send a virtual invitation super easily and quickly in seconds, and everyone can have it at their fingertips at all times.

It will also allow us to interact with our guests quickly to confirm their attendance or receive their queries and thanks.

Differences between a digital invitation and an online invitation.

While the vast majority think they are the same, they do make a big difference.
Digital (digitized) refers to something that is inside a device and Online refers to something that can be seen on the internet on a website.

A digital invitation is a file that we can save to our phone and share via WhatsApp or any other messaging app. While an online invitation is shared with a link that touching it takes us to a website where we can see the invitation with the details of our event.

What are animated invitation cards?

Every year more and more people create and share video with their mobile devices.

This trend reached invitations, giving us the possibility to send our guests an amazing invitation with music and animated images.

How to create a virtual birthday invitation?

To create it you will need some program that allows you to edit images and texts, from something basic like Word to something much more professional like Photoshop.

But nowadays there are much easier and faster options with professional results, you can visit the following list where you will find five of the best options to make invitations without having any knowledge of image editing.

Sending by Whatsapp a digital birthday card.

Once you have your video invitation or your digital invitation in jpg format, it only remains to share it with your guests.

The process is the same as when you share any photo or video with your friends. Although in this case, you have the option depending on the type of party, to create a new group with all your guests or share your invitation, guest by guest.

Also keep in mind that when you attach an image or video you can write a text that will be seen below.

In some cases you can write a text that complements the information on your virtual invitation card.